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re: OFFICER Spec: Where to spend your 256 points!(updated)


Tip 101: You would need 35 ranks in order to reach the very bottom of your chosen spec. In order for you to save some points, it is highly recommended that you spend points on the OTHER expertise. In the picture below I spent points on the first 3 layers of the engineer and vanguard spec. This is just to earn me some ranks to reach the bottom part of the officer while saving enough points to upgrade them.

This build is the Buffer build. You get the following buff from this build:

    • 34% increase armour with 55 secs duration
    • 34% increase damage with 44 secs duration
    • 1,388 morale every 2 secs for 44 secs
    • 59% haste buff for __ seconds.

Extra for this build:

  • Vanguard skill that gives 5% incoming damage debuff on the boss as long as you have the kill streak needed.

Job on Pelargir:

  1. Buff the soldiers every time your cooldown is over. Buff them around the clock.
  2. Set them to 2Hand.
  3. Priority: Commanders.
  4. During boss fight, use the Target Priority(the blue one where the banner skills are) skill on the boss to direct the soldiers.
  5. Your second tree should be engineer. So after you buff the soldier, switch to engineer and remove hooks, upgrade/repair barricades/catapults.
  6. Don't bother putting tripwires.
  7. Use your VANGUARD banner when the vanguards are fighting the mobs, this is to help them earn kill streaks BETTER.

Note: You may opt to upgrade your vanguard banner instead to help your vanguards.

Tip for those who doesn't have 216 points:

As an officer your aim is to maximize your buffing potential so focus on the following: Heal/Damage/Armour/Haste and the POTENCY as this increase the percentage of your buff.

I don't agree with this saying, "It is okay to disagree" but it's okay. XD

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