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re: Helm's dike 6man

navvie wrote:

WARNING: If you hate/dislike BB(big battles), then don't continue reading. BB(Bye bye)


Helm's dike! 6 Man

Rohan is in danger! Saruman's armies lay siege on Rohan... Alas! The decisive battle has come! Will Helm's Deep, the last stronghold of the Rohirrim survive or will it fall into ruin?. The king has issued a summon, to call on the brave warriors to protect the realm. Are you one of them? Do you have the heart to see things thru? Will you fight for Rohan?...I bet you will.........fight for the stars of merit and some random loots! Like you bloody care for Rohan! 


Helm's dike west side

  • 1st side-quest: Stone-obstructions
  • 2nd side-quest: Watchtower
  • 3rd side-quest: RANDOM(War machines or Statue)

Helm's dike east side

  • 1st side-quest: Black-powder
  • 2nd side-quest: Stables/Horsy
  • 3rd side-quest: RANDOM(War machines or Statue)

General pointers:

1. Helm's dike 6 man will immediately start as soon as it was launched unlike the duo version where you would have ample time to dilly-dally around. Time is of the essence. Know WHICH side of the dike are they gonna attack first. Build, build, build, build whatever is there to build.

"ORCS are COMING!!! OH NO! I should kill them now or we gonna lose some soldiers/banners." ----DON'T focus too much on dpsing especially on the main quest. Your PRIORITY is to set things up, that way, you can leave the front line without worrying if your soldiers are going to be okay.

2. Set commanders to 2-Hand and berserkers/warrior/archers. No sappers! Sappers don't do much harm in dike unlike in deeping wall. The only commander you gonna set for sappers is the one for the black-powder SQ.

3. Know the side-quests. If unsure what to do, just build and dismantle things. Set commanders And buff soldiers.

4. If you put trap and then switch to officer mode, your trap won't last that long or not as effective anymore. If you are already comfortable switching traits/specs then go to officer mode(45 sec or so buff duration), buff the soldiers, switch to engineer and put trip wires.

5. Build barricades parallel to the lane or long-wise along the lanes/usual path of mobs.



The orcs are marching on the western dike!

Build the barricades on each lane. 1 person(At least rank5) should go set things up immediately on the far west, 1(at least rank 5) on mid-west, 3 people will set up on near-west. 1 on near-east (this player will then help set up the near-west once he is done putting 2-3 baricades on near-east lane)


Barricade set-up for Helm's dike WEST side:

1. Far-west lane: at least 3 barricades 

2. Mid-west lane: 2 barricades

3. Near-west lane: At least 5 barricades

    • This lane got the heaviest orc traffic, mobs from main quest+stone-obstruction+watchtower side-quests.

4. Near-east lane/Lane 1 east: 2-3 barricades, since mobs are gonna come from this side too for the stone-obstruction side-quest.


1. Stone-obstruction:

Your mission is to keep the archers ALIVE and FIRING arrows around the clock. Arrows will spawn but ignore them. Just click the archer and give the order to fire!

There are 6 archers in total and 5 people can do the side-quest while the 6th member will continue setting up.

  • Player A. 1 archer on far west
  • Player B. 2 archers on mid-west(good dps/trapper needed here)
  • Player C. 1 on west side of main gate
  • Player D. 1 on gate/bridge
  • Player E. 1 on east side of gate
  • Player F. Set up the Eastern dike preferably starting from the far far east.  

Tip 101: Once you ordered an archer to fire, go immediately on the lane and put tripwire then hurry back to your archer and order them to fire again. You have around 10-12 seconds cool-down in between orders to fire.

Tip 101: Depending on the situation, Player C or E can cover the archer on the bridge, making Player D available to help set up the eastern dike. PS: Do this if and only if you assessed that the situation is under control. Otherwise play it safe to get platinum.


After this side-quest, the orcs are going to march on the eastern dike, poor orcs, marching to their death.

At this point, Player A will:

  • remain on west dike to finish setting up for the Watchtower quest. It is OKAY to DISMANTLE and transfer the barricades on the mid-west lane. No mobs will dare to pass through the mid-west lane after the stone-obstruction SQ.
  • set up balista on near-west lane in preparation for the Watchtower side-quest.
  • Proceed to the far west watchtower and wait for the sidequest.

 The rest will set up on the eastern dike.

2. Watchtower:

Tip 101: Time is of the essence, don't let those dunlendings spit fire on the watchtower. 

There will be 3 groups here:

If you want to play it safe, send 2 players on the far-far-west watchtower, 3 on the near-west watchtower, 1 floater.

Group 1: Far far west group

  • Player A: who is on the west dike the whole time setting up will immediately go to the far-west. Buff, put tripwire, DPS like hell.
  • If player A is confident/good enough to hold off those fire spitters at the far-far west watchtower, you wouldn't need another player to join him/her.  

Group 2: Near-west watchtower group composed of 3 ppl.

  • Balista Man: Will man the balista and fire accordingly. Please don't just crank and fire mindlessly. Learn to fire at the right time. You can do it!
  • 2 trapper/DPS/buffer: Buff, put trip wires and DPS like hell.

Group 3: Floater/s

  • They will continue setting up the eastern dike for possible troll and set up the catapults on bridge for war machines.



If the ORCs first decided to march on the eastern dike...set up ASAP for the blackpowder and stables---bring down barricades and at least 2 balista, 1 catapult(optional). If you got a strong team, you would only need 6-7 barricades and 2 balista below.


1. Black-powder behind the gates:

2 barricades(yellow) on the each pathway of the orc-sappers and then 1 balista(red arrow) on each pathway. Random barricade in the middle, between the pathway of the sappers.


  • 2 balista users: focus on the sappers. Tip 101: You can use your skill while using the balista. Always stay on your balista! Don't chase after mobs that survives, have faith in your team mates xD.
  • 3-4 Finishers: Kill any sappers that pass thru the balista team. Put tripwires for the other mobs, kill the boss(we can kill the boss without bugging now). Set the commander below the gate to 2H, buff them and they can help kill the boss. You can maximize the use of tripwire to delay the boss while chipping away his morale.

After this SQ, everybody should dismantle barricades and balista before going to set up on the main quest so that it would be easier to set up for the Horses. You need 1-2 person to set up for the horses. Rest will set up on the main quest.


2. Stable/Protect the horses:

Mobs will spawn near (7.12/7.13, 756). Put barricades around this area, about 4 barricades with the 2 balistas aimed on that coordinates. 1-2 barricade behind the stables.

Warning: This set-up is a risky one, if you put the barricade on the wrong spot, then you my friends are screwed! xD


Tip101: Never click on the horse! You might accidentally release them into the wild. Horse:"Neigh! Don't set me free!"


There will be 3 groups here.

Group 1: Riverside group- composed of a 3-man cell

  •  2 Balista man: Fire at the right time. They should have at least 3-4/5 crank ability, 3/5load ability. Put trip wires on the spawn area. Don't give chase to any mobs that pass thru, just man your balista let the 3rd person do the chasing.
  • 1 DPS/trapper/chaser: Save your tripwire if unsure where to put one. Wait for the mobs to spawn then immediatele put tripwire on that spot. DPS like you mean it and if something gets thru, this person will give chase. (optional): YOu can also set a catapult here if you want and use it, but don't forget that you are the chaser/finisher.

Group 2: Stable group: 2-man cell

  • Stay behind the stable until SQ pops and kill the THREE orcs behind the stables real quick. After that stay and patrol the stables until SQ is over. Kill orcs on sight. Help kill whatever orc that passes the RIVERSIDE group. 

Group 3: Floater

  • Once the SQ pops, go to the riverside group, put tripwires, once they got everything under control, you may leave and continue setting things up for war machines or statue.

TIP 101: After the protecting the horses side-quest, kindly dismantle and grab a barricade with you before you proceed to the main quest.



The third side-quest for the dike will be a random one, it's either a. flames at the gate or b. Statue of the hammerhand. 

1. Flames at the gate:

There are 3 war-machines, usually 1 in middle, 1 on the east lane, and 1 on the west lane. Additional orcs(vanguard orc team) will come to kill the archers or sabotage the catapult. So your goal is to keep the archers alive and the gate intact by destroying the warmachines and killing all the mobs on the east and west lane. NONE shall pass! 

Groupings and roles:

Group 1: Catapult team-2 people 1 catapult each

  • Crank(3-4/5) and load(3/5) is preferred.
  • Use spread shell(3 shells that deals 7K damage=21K damage) whereas heavy shell deals 11K damage only.
  • Once the warmachine at the gate is destroyed, go and assist the east and west lanes.
  • In the event that there is only one catapult ready, then 2 people will still man the catapult(load and crank at the same time), 1 will load, 1 will crank, then any will fire. 


Group 2: Fireman, 1 person

  • piss on the fire, and repair the gate.
  • Player with healing skill is preferred. Or has a good extinguisher traits as an engineer.
  • Once the war machine on the main gate is destroyed, take one last glance on the gate to see if it is still on fire.
  • Addendum: Fireman needs to stay at the gate until all 3 war machines are destroyed. Sometimes it bugs that there will be 2 war machines going to the main gate.


Group 3 West lane: 1 man army

  • Put tripwires, DPS like hell on near-west lane. Kill the warmachine on that side.
  • Stay on your lane until the fighting is over.


Group 4: East team: 2-man cell

  • Put tripwire, DPS everything on the Near-east lane, and kill the warmachine.
  • Stay on your lane until the fighting is over.


Tip 101: Arrows will spawn but ignore them. Archers will ran out of arrows but ignore them anyway. Just focus on your role. Group 3 and 4 SHOULDN'T let ANY orc PASS, else the defenseless archers will be in DANGER!!! muhahaha

Tip 101: Sometimes a war-machine will get lost(bugged). Don't lose hope, you can kill it eventually, just keep your eyes wide open.


2. STatue of the hammerhand

We have to protect the statue at all cost, because it is so expensive to build a new one.

General pointer: It is best to set the commanders to 2H and berserkers.

For point of reference, I'm going to name the lanes 1-4 starting from the east part of the gate. Lane 1 as the closest to the gate and 4 as the furthest.


Tip 101: Your mission is to keep that statue from being destroyed. Do everything you can to fulfill that mission. Use balistas, traps, barricades. Break a limb or two if you must.



Group 1-Statue team:3-man cell

  • Kill everything on the statue lane(or lane 2).

 Group 2: 1 man army

  • Stay on lane 3 and kill kill kill. If they survive, chase them down.

Tip 101: Put 1 barricade on that lane(just a few steps in front of the soldiers), upgrade and put tripwire. Put another barricade in between lane 2 and 3 where the other group of soldiers are. This is to slow down the mobs and you can chase after them.

Group3: Far-east team: 1-2 people

  • You gonna need at least 4-5 barricade however, just do with what you have. 
  • Trolls are sprinters, they run faster than Usain Bolt and sadly, the soldiers of Rohan can't outrun them. So the main purpose of the barricades here is NOT to damage but to SLOW down the trolls in order for the soldiers to DPS them. If the barricades are spaced correctly, soldiers on 2H and with the use of tripwires, the soldiers will be able to annihilate every mob, without you having to draw your sword.
  • Try to place your barricades strategically so you and the soldiers wouldn't need to chase a troll/mob all the way to the very back where the supplies are.
  • If things are set up properly, then you would only need 1 person on this lane, and the other will become a floater to help on the other lanes.

Disclaimer: This is not a foolproof strategy, your strategy will still depends on the rank/skills/traits/abilities/class/knowledge of your teammates.

I don't agree with this saying, "It is okay to disagree" but it's okay. XD

Not everything that glitters is gold, sometimes it is PLATINUM! ;D
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