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re: 6 Man Hammerhand of the Underworld


Sounds like Thor’s hammer on the hands of Hades.


We have a new big battle! Wooohooo!....pfft! Unfortunately they give out the same feeling as deeping wall and hornburg.


Disclosure: I have only been to 3 6mans Hammerhand, yes just 3 times so far and this is not a platinum guide nor an expert opinion nor a technical one. This is merely my observations.


BB specs:

1.No big changes in officer(buffer build) and VG, though would be challenging to earn your killstreaks on this new BBs. However, I would like to give emphasis on some minor tweaks on the engineering build I posted on this forum before.


In this big battle, part of the sidequests that you maybe having would involve dismantling, disarming, and extinguishing. Not to mention the catapult usage as well. So this build is pretty much a cata/trap user with disarm and extinguish. Good for the new BBs


Points to remember:

1. Enemy catapult during each wave, destroy them asap. So upgrade the catapults once you enter the instance.

  • North: 2 Enemy catapults 
  • South: 2 Enemy Catapults
  • Mid/Gate: 2 catapult coming from north side and 2 from south side.
  • Grond: don't bother firing your catapults on Grond. Won't do anything to it at all.
  • Tip: Load them with grapeshot and precrank the catapults to 4 cranks.

2. Set commanders to 2H and commanders/warriors or whichever except sappers. 

3. If you are an officer, try to keep switching from officer to engineer and vice versa. If you can't or lagging too much then stick to officer and keep buffing the soldiers whenever you can. Tip for minas tirith, if you are rallying a NPC, best go for officer spec, faster cooldown that way. Or if you have the severed head sidequest, go for the engineer build, you'll clear the heads in no time.

4. Siege towers: destroy the 3 Tower Grapnels then go to tower and lit the 3 powder kegs. Get out of the tower before it explodes! Also, prioritize sidequest over tower siege.

    • North: 1 Siege tower
    • South: 1 Siege tower
    • Mid/Gate: Another siege tower will arrive on each side, 1 at north wall and 1 at south wall.

5. The instance will autostart after few minutes if you didn't talk to gandalf. On a sidenote, have you notice gandalf's eyebrows?

6. Take note that trash mobs will die so fast at the hands of the soldiers. If you aren't a vanguard then just focus on repairing barricades, healing supplies/armaments if you have a heal skill, laying traps, buffing soldiers. Get acquainted with the place, where the stairs are etc.

7. No golden cloak drops! Only increase in stars of merit and seems like an increase drop of essences as well.

Map Legend: the numbers are pretty small.

    • 1. Epic foe: Ughash the pyromaniac
    • 2. On Black Wings
    • 3. Drums of War
    • 4. Brutal Reversal
    • 5. Epic Foe: Masogh
    • 6. Broken by fear
    • 7. Door going to the cisterns for the Up from the Depths sidequest
    • The 2 red arrows  indicates the stairs going up. The stairs going down are both under the catapult.
    • North: indicates the north part of the wall
    • South: south part of the wall.
    • I didn't include the catapults since they are easy to find.




1. Epic Foe: Ughash, the Slacker (North sidequest)

This guy is a pyromaniac, kill him before you get toasted!


2. On Black Wings (Middle sidequest)

On the wings of love....For this you need to defend those tired and weary soldiers, they die fast plus the spirits hit hard as well. Then after killing the spirits, you get to fight the dragon? Or the flying beast. Have a tank to aggro all the spirits, grab them all and then kill. You can put bear traps or tripwires on the mobs once the tank grabbed them all for the extra incoming damage debuff. Not sure how much heals is needed here, but keep your tank alive hehe.


3.Drums of War (North Sidequest)

Objective: Kill the troll drummers using the Catapult. Kill ASAP. Usually requires 2 cata shots(Grapeshot and triple shot) to kill them on each side.

There will be 3 Trolls on each side of the gate, so you need at least 2 Catapult user, 1 on north cata and 1 on south cata. It is good to have the catapult cranked 3 times ahead of time and 1 player(catapult user) on standby at the South Catapult.


4.A Brutal Reversal (South sidequest)

The orcs breeched the wall, building barricades and burning ballistas. So need to extinguish the ballistas that are on fire and dismantle the barricades built by the orcs.

If you have a tank, have them grab all the mobs and ran towards the top of the tower where the siege leader is. You need heals here (the orcs pack a punch) and DPS. So let’s say you have 4-5 people going to that sidequest, 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 DPS/engineer, 1 engineer/dps to focus on dismantling barricades/extinguishing ballista fires. If there are so many ballistas that are on fire, the other dps should assist in putting out the fire. Once the fire is under control, leave the dismantling to the other engineer and proceed to help the tank and healer.



5. Epic foe: Masorgh, Shaver of Heads (south sidequest)

Objective: Kill him within 30 secs or he’s gonna shave your head. High five to those who have shiny heads!. He spawns under the South catapult so you may or you may not pull him to the wall for extra dps from soldiers.


6.Broken by Fear (middle sidequest)

Almost the same as On black wings, there are terrified soldiers then orcs are attacking them, some go nuts and starts to open the gate. So you have to save those damsel in distress, and knock those subjugated soldiers back to their senses.

    • Tank: grab all the orcs
    • Healer: to heal of course or if the tank is unkillable then go dps
    • DPS: Kill on sight, but FOCUS on the subjugated soldiers.


7.Up from the Depths (Not sure)

Never experience this sq yet, I do know where the door. Basing on the description you need to disarm bombs here, not sure how many. Same strategy as Brutal reversal.


Quest sequence: (Warning: this is only based on my experience)

    • Battle starts at the North
    • 1. Drums of war
    • 2. then we battle switched to the south wall and we got the Epic foe: Masogh
    • 3. Battle switched to the gate, we got On Black Wings.
    • Another scenario:
    • Battle starts at the North: we got drums of war
    • Battle switched to South: we got A Brutal Reversal
    • Battle switched to the Gate: we got On Black Wings



I don't agree with this saying, "It is okay to disagree" but it's okay. XD

Not everything that glitters is gold, sometimes it is PLATINUM! ;D
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